Welcome to my world

A thought is brought to life when I get impressions from outside the world. It can be triggered by a newspaper article, a radio report, a television program, a movie, a song, a book, or just an overheard conversation on the train. Before long, this new idea joins my earlier gathered thoughts and reflections at my mind’s ever-buzzing cocktail party and soon finds like-minded friends to fraternize themselves with, and hopefully even worthy discussion comrades.

After a while – a second or an eternity – the reflections begin to glitter like the mirror shards of a disco ball. The more angles the thoughts are illuminated from, the more they sparkle; and the more the thoughts spin in my head, the faster the reflections move along the walls. Sooner or later I find myself
dizzy and exhausted on the dance floor, without being able to tell what really happened…

My hope is that this blog will be the tool through which I can channel these thoughts and reflections before the dizziness and exhaustion take over my existence. My goal is that my words will be able to act as a thought activator for you and leave you with new ponderings and reflections to bring back with you when you return to your own reality. I do not demand from you to like or agree with everything I write, but if you do, please let me know. I also hope that you’ll want to interact with me and other readers about my thoughts and reflections, an interaction that can give us new impressions and create more thinking…

The blog is mainly in Swedish, but every once in a while, especially around ESC season, some posts insist on being written in English.