A quick update for tonight’s Semi Final 2

Alexander Rybak (Norway) Second Rehearsal | Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Alexander Rybak (Norway) Second Rehearsal | Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Just a quick update before this evening’s second Semi Final.

Norwegian Alexander Rybak and Swedish Benjamin Ingrosso are the favourites for the victory tonight according to the bookmakers’ odds. They’re both followed by uncertainty tonight though, Alexander being bedded cause to a flu most of last week and Benjamin suffering from a tech faulty yesterday during the afternoon Dress Rehearsal. They won’t have any trouble qualifying for Saturday’s Grand Final though, since the competition tonight is quite poor.

The Danish Vikings should have an easy time joining them, and so should Ukraine’s finishing entry. Hungary is also sure to qualify as they’ve climbed in the lists lately and caught the hearts of the Press Centre; winning the daily press poll twice since rehearsals started.

My beloved Australia unfortunately isn’t as safe a bet as usual this year since Jessica Mauboy has shown a difficulty hitting her notes just right during rehearsals, but if she nails her performance she will qualify as well.

Let’s also hope for Swedish singer Lukas Meijer who is competing for Poland together with Polish EDM DJ Gromee.

Personally, I’m missing Montenegro from the list below since I have a hard time envisioning a ESC Grand Final without a traditional Balkan ballad.

Current standings for qualification tonight:

1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Moldova
4. Ukraine
5. Hungary
6. Poland
7. Denmark
8. Australia
9. The Netherlands
10. Romania

Follow the odds in real-time here >


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