Time to get excited

Francesco Gabbani FIrst Rehearsal Photo Thomas Hanses

Francesco Gabbani (Italy) First Rehearsal | Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Once again the Eurovision frenzy is upon us and just as usual it won’t go unnoticed in my blog. For those of you who subscribe to it for other reasons than to delve into all there is to know about this enchanting competition please bear with me – it’ll be over in a week.

I promise I’ll take some time during the upcoming year to break out the Eurovision segment of Written by Emzie and make it into a brand new separate blog dedicated only to this subject, so hopefully everything will start to make sense again somewhere in the future. But for now, this is still my only place to bring you my Eurovision thoughts and predictions so buckle up.

This year’s competition is hosted by Kyiv, Ukraine, thanks to Jamala’s unpredicted victory in Stockholm last year. The jury groups around Europe chose Australia’s Dami Im as their winner and the viewers favoured Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, but since Jamala’s entry 1944 came in second in both the televote and the jury selection she grabbed enough points in total to beat them both on the finishing line.

That Saturday evening of May 14th 2016 was probably the most excruciatingly nerve-wrecking hours of my life to date. Standing in the Delegation Bubble on the night of the Grand Final, following the votes coming in together with all my newfound Eurovision friends, and watch my Australia rise on the scoreboard only to be beaten at the last moment… wow, what a roller-coaster ride. And when the last point was distributed, the Bubble erupting in exaltation – not for Jamala alone, but also for the fact that the predicted winner and long-time favourite for the victory, Russia, was proven not to be unbeatable after all. Their high-tech number sure was innovative and mesmerizing to watch, but Jamala’s song had a heart and a story that captivated a whole continent.

And now it’s time for this exciting madness again. This time Italy is the unquestioned favourite to win the whole shebang, being so favoured in the betting lists there seems to be nothing stopping the 34-year-old Francesco Gabbani and his gorilla from bringing the victory home to the country of all-time Eurovision classic Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (Volare). But, as we learned last year, anything can happen in the world of Eurovision.

Here’s fourteen ridiculous reasons to get excited about Eurovision 2017:


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