And it’s a wrap…


And so my great adventure of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 has finally come to an end. A week ago, the Eurovision bubble finally popped from the exciting climax of the Grand Final, and suddenly you were supposed to go back to your office and act as if nothing special happened. It felt so strange, like if everything we’ve been through during these two weeks were only a dream, and at the same time I’ve never felt so disconnected to my ordinary everyday life as I’ve done this week. No matter which way I looked everything’s been feeling surreal, like I don’t know which part is reality and which part is made up – just as if my brain can’t grasp the concept that both worlds could exist at once.

That’s what really made this morning special – because it made those two worlds come together for a while giving me substantial proof of their coexistence. And now I’ll probably make some of our colleague delegation hosts jealous, but as it happens our sweet and charming artist Dami Im has been staying an extra week in Stockholm together with her kind and caring husband Noah, writing and recording new music together with some of the talented Swedish songwriters and producers at The Kennel. And before they headed to Arlanda for their return flight tonight they wanted to meet up with us for a chat in a more relaxed environment than those previous two weeks had to offer. So, out of the blue, this morning suddenly blessed my life with a pleasant hotel breakfast together with Dami, Noah and Mia, followed by one last Swedish fika at their new-found favourite fika place, Johan & Nyström.

The slogan of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was Come Together, and in hindsight it really feels like the most fitting one there ever was – at least based on my own experiences. All these people, broadcasters and countries coming together for a short period of time, making magical moments and memories together to last for a lifetime. In such a short time, I’ve met so many people who’ve become close friends, Swedes as well as Australians, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these two weeks contained some of one of the most brightly shining memories of my entire life.

By now we are all – just like the dandelion seed inspired ”flyers” of the ESC 2016 artwork’s magical flower – scattered to the wind all over the globe, carrying with us the moments and memories we created together during two weeks in Stockholm. Never had the sight of an overblown dandelion in a patch of grass by the road made me feel so emotional…

Dandelion Seeds


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