ESC Daily Recap | Day 3

City Dressing | Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm

City Dressing | Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm

So, today didn’t go exactly as planned as our meeting with the delegation got postponed until tomorrow at 1pm when we will meet with them at the hotel a couple of hours before leaving for our 1st Rehearsal in the arena (yay!). When I spoke on the phone with Katherine, our main contact of the group, she told me they had decided to just chill, catch up on some emails and take a walk in the sunshine since they weren’t sure their brains was yet fully functional after their heavy jetlag. In other words I got the day off to store some extra energy for when the schedule will get busier, i.e. from Saturday onwards.

This resulted in a lovely walk in in sunny Stockholm, running some personal errands and actually even meeting up with my husband who I haven’t seen since Saturday. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much sleep last night so I made up for it by taking things really slow and easy today (suddenly the Dutch song went through my head) ending the evening at EuroClub with some fellow Delegation Hosts to check out the venue before it’ll get packed with people later on during these weeks.

During my walk through town today I admired all the beautiful city dressing and took some time to really appreciate what’s been done to our capital. I’m sure no Stockholmer will miss this event is taking place, but for you who aren’t in town I’ll give you the gist of it all. In all the main streets banners have been hanged by the dozen, all buses have Eurovision flags and both taxis and subway trains can be seen branded with the beautiful artwork of this year’s event. On some places in town they’ve installed singing tunnels and close to EuroClub/Euro Fan Café and Kungsträdgården, where Eurovision Village will open on Friday, all pedestrian crossings play music (Loreen’s Euphoria or Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes). Måns has even recorded messages for the subway trains welcoming passengers to Eurovision’s main sites. It’s the first time ever the City of Stockholm has gone all in for a major international event being hosted by the town – and I love it!

So what happened for the Australian artist Dami Im today? you might wonder. I do too. As far as I know she was supposed to meet up with her Swedish backup singers for a rehearsal today but this was organized by her manager Grant so I honestly don’t know how that went – hopefully great! Her backup singers are both very talented and experienced when it comes to Eurovision; Dea Norberg has done seven Eurovisions as a backup singer for Sweden – including 1999 when Charlotte Nilsson won the competition – and one for Malta; and Anna Sahlin, aka Sahlene, competed as the lead artist for Estonia in 2002 singing Runaway, placing 3rd after Malta’s Ira Losco (who is back in the game this year with Swedish-produced Walk on Water) and Latvian winner Marie N.

Tomorrow’s schedule at the arena consists of 1st Rehearsals for the artists of the first part of the second semifinal, introducing the stage to Latvia, Switzerland, Israel, Belarus, Serbia, Ireland, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Lithuania and… Australia! It’s going to be so exciting finally getting into the innermost bubble of this mega event for real…

Stay tuned!


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